Center of Gravity Photo Report

Photographers Blake Kohn, Liam Mullany and Nick Pennel headed out to Kelowna, Canada a few weeks back to take in all the craziness Monster Energy had to throw at them. Monster Energy’s Center of Gravity Festival featured 3 stages, 7 sports, exhibitor villages, food vendors, sponsor exhibits, and much more. Over at the ramps; Reagan Sieg, Jeff Fehr, Kris Foster, Chris Nolan and Kyle Demelo threw down for the fans…Cody Kaliszuk was scheduled to jump with the boys, but unfortunately over shot his first jump in practice and was left with a broken his ankle.¬†Down a man, the rest of the riders took to the ramps and entertained fans all weekend, capped off by a performance by Yelawolf.


Chris Nolan ran shirtless all weekend to avoid tan lines....

There has been whisperings of this guy being on the line for Speed & Style at next year's XGames.

You guys can insert caption here(......)!

Kyle Demelo has always been one of Canada's top FMX talents. Like Kris Foster, 2013 might be the year he steps into the spotlight.

Jeff Fehr was on hand to make the crowd clap! The guy can throwdown like it's no one's business.....

Demelo stretches out a KOD.

Reagan Sieg can still throw down with the kids.

Morgan Kaliszuk interviews Jeff Fehr.

....see you net year!