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A look at the 2014 Rockwell Best Whip after the halfway mark

Berlin, Germany (August 25, 2014) – The Whip contest made a great comeback at the NIGHT of the JUMPS...

Sheehan takes it all in Pretoria

Sheehan put it all together on Saturday to take him his first RBXF title.
(Photo: Balazs Gardi)
Pretoria, South Africa (August 23, 2014) – When the first ever Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour final on African...

Sheehan tops qualifiers

PRETORIA (South Africa) – Josh Sheehan knew what he had to do – and he executed perfectly. The Australian made the most of his two 90-second runs today at Qualifying for Saturday’s Red Bull X-Fighters Final, delivering his spectacular double backflip to put himself squarely in the frontrunner’s position not only for a win at history’s 50th Red Bull X-Fighters event, but for what would be his career-first World Tour Championship.

The importance of the final of the world’s most prestigious freestyle motocross event series – and the wide range of options on the biggest track of the year – seemed to inspire the riders. While still getting a feel for the many dirt-to-dirt jumps, they launched a stellar showcase of their best tricks. Thomas Pagès of France, currently third in the overall standings, showed off a Volt and a Special Flip that looked more effortless than ever to earn second place in Qualifying. Australia’s Clinton Moore, who finished the day in third, launched his new Suicide Flat Spin. Meanwhile, current World Tour leader Levi Sherwood, who has been fighting to stay ahead of Sheehan all season, had an uncharacteristic crash. After that setback, the Kiwi will have to battle his way out of the first round tomorrow to have a chance at besting Sheehan for the championship.

Local riders Alastair Sayer of Botswana and Nick de Wit of the Johannesburg area gave their all under the watchful gaze of a statue of Nelson Mandela, who was inaugurated as president near the track at Pretoria’s Union Buildings. Another type of inauguration will take place in less than 24 hours, as one of the 12 exceptional riders in the lineup will know the lifetime thrill of being crowned Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Champion.
(Photo: Balzari Gardi)
Pretoria, South Africa (August 22, 2014) – Josh Sheehan knew what he had to do – and he executed...

RMC Coldcock Whiskey freestyleXtreme


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Final RBXF Standings

World Tour Standings(Final): 1. Sheehan 360 pts // 2. Sherwood 270 // 3. Torres 265 // 4. Pagès 235 // 5. Higashino 180 // 6. Bizouard 165 // 7....

Pretoria X-Fighters Results

Results: 1. Josh Sheehan (AUS) // 2. Dany Torres (ESP) // 3. Adam Jones (USA) // 4. Rémi Bizouard (FRA) // 5. Thomas Pagès (FRA) // 6. Clinton Moore...

Watch Red Bull X-Fighters Final in Pretoria LIVE!

Catch all the action from Red Bull X-Fighters in South Africa… Webcast: We will stream the entire competition live right here on redbullxfighters.com/pretoria-live, Red Bull TV, Xbox 360, Apple...


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