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Moore and Pagès hunting hat-trick in Madrid

Australia’s Clinton Moore won the first two Red Bull X-Fighters competitions in 2015 but France’s Thomas Pagès has won the sport’s quintessential stop in Madrid the last two years running. At least one of those streaks will come to an end on July 10 in Las Ventas.
(Photo: Alex Grymanis)
Madrid, Spain (July 3, 2015) – The most anticipated stop of the 2015 World Tour in the Plaza de...

Madrid X-Fighters Rider List Announced

Can Pages get his first win of 2015 in the bull ring?
(Photo: Flo Hagena)
Madrid, Spain (June 29, 2015) – Witness ally-oop flairs, double backflips, body varials and more spectacular action when 12...

Rinaldo tops the box in China

Rinaldo cleaned up his run to overtake Libor Podmol on nigh two.
(Photo: Oliver Franke)
Shenzhen, China (November 2, 2014) – A double bill of FMX Grand Prix took place this weekend in Shenzhen....

RMC Coldcock Whiskey freestyleXtreme


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Red Bull X-Fighters Track: Las Ventas

The crowd-pleaser in Spain’s biggest bullfighting arena is the highlight of the FMX calendar each year ever since the first Red Bull X-Fighters event was held here in 2002....

Bell Helmets and FMX legend Carey Hart announce multi-year partnership

Scotts Valley, California (July 2, 2015) - Bell Helmets, an industry leader in innovative head protection, today announced a multi-year agreement with freestyle motocross legend and custom bike icon Carey Hart and...

$19.99 gloves + FREE SHIPPING

There are some deals that are so good we need to pass them on to our readers so you guys don’t miss out on saving some cash. Right now,...


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Dirt Shark // 2015 X Games

Nate Adams // June Edit

Moto Madness in Geneva

Dragon NFX RDX Boot Neon


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