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The View from Down Here: Biggest Whip Observations

When the event went LIVE on ox Sports 2, the boys did a good job with the jump they had to work with…
(Photo: Shane Ruiz)
Before I get into my opinions of this past weekend’s Monster Cup event, I want to make one thing...

Photo Report: Dirt Shark Biggest Whip contest

Destin Cantrell got crazy off the dirt hit on the way to a 5th place finish.
(Photo: Shane Ruiz)
This past weekend the sport’s best racers met in Las Vegas for the 2014 Monster Energy Cup. And like...

Nitro Circus signs Levi Sherwood to compliment stacked FMX roster for New Zealand tour

The FMX roster just got ALOT crazier!
(Photo: Nitro Circus Live)
Los Angeles, California (October 15) – This January in New Zealand, the greatest Action Sports star on the planet,...

RMC Coldcock Whiskey freestyleXtreme


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DirtShark Biggest Whip Qualifying Results

Qualifying Results: 1. Beau Bamburg // 2. Jarryd McNeil // 3.Brett Cue // 4. Destin Cantrell // 5. Lance Coury // 6. James Carter // 7. Nate Adams //...

Nitro Circus Live line up for New Zeleand dates

New Zeleand line up: Travis Pastrana // Josh Sheehan // Blake “Bilko” Williams // Cam Sinclair // Adam Jones // Steve Mini // Beau Bamburg // Clint Moore // Jarryd...

Dirt Shark Biggest Whip Invites

Dirt Shark Biggest Whip Invites-  Pre-Qualified Riders (All X Games Best Whip Gold Medalists): Tom Parsons // Josh Hansen // Jeremy Stenberg // Todd Potter // Edgar Torrenteras Qualifying Riders: James Carter // Jarryd McNeil // Ronnie...


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The Josh Hansen Story // Episode 5

Jarryd McNeil MEC Prep

Robbie Maddison // STOMPGRIP

Dragon NFX RDX Boot Neon


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